on Thursday last week , I went to Dumbarton rock with the mcofs 🌎

It was amazing and I loved it because it was my first time outside climbing! 

I’m also going outdoors next week so I’ll update then! 

Carla x


Hi guys sorry i haven’t made a blog in forever but I’m back climbing now after my injury😊 I got my cast off a week later and I started climbing 3 weeks later 😇 I also did some pull ups which was really hard to do.  

 I’m hoping for a quick road of recovery! 


Elbow injury!! 😰

hi guys!! so last Friday I had an accident at climbing and fell on my elbow😔 we went to a&e and they said that I fractured it so I got a cast on😕 

  I went back to the hospital on Monday and got another cast on😆 

I went to hospital again on Wednesday and got my cast off. They said there was no fracture but a bruise or a crack on the bone. I now have a sling and my elbow is very swollen. Hope to get back climbing in a few weeks! 

Carla ☺️ 

JBBC round 2 😊

Hi guys! So last weekend I competed in round 2 of the JBBC 2015 at TCA and I came in 3rd place😊 I am very happy with how I did as I came 15th in the last round and I am sitting in 4th over all right now😆

It was a tough set of qualifiers, 8 problems over all. I flashed 5 on my first attempts and the last 3 were the tricky ones. I got the bonus on two of the other three and on the last I just missed the bonus! I got a bit upset as I thought that I had done very badly (I thought that the scores went by tops then bonuses but they went by tops then top attempts) but I qualified for the final in 2nd place! I was so chuffed and this really put my positivity for the finals up 😊
In the finals I was second last to go out and climb as we had isolation. On the first climb I got the bonus and was going for the top hold. Only me and one other girl got the bonus on this. It was a tricky climb with a lot of slopers and triangular volumes on it. The second problem was a weird slabby corner volume type climb which I topped on my third attempt, this is what lost me the points as two other girls flashed it. On the third problem I didn’t get anything, it was weird with small holds at first onto a bobbly volume and the bonus is a big square volume but there is no good footholds for the move to the volume. Over all I am very happy I came in third and I am happy with my attitude on the day and I can’t wait for the third round in Bristol 😊



Credit to sandy carr for  the pictures sorry some of them are sideways x

Carla 😉 x

British Championships

hi guys! So yesterday I competed in the ycs British final/ British Championships at Ratho! I did not have a great day, let myself down but I am just happy that I made it to the final😌

Overall I am not happy with how I placed; 28th out of 33. I stupidly fell off the first climb at the 5th clip as I didn’t have my feet high enough. This resulted in a major knock back for me as most of the girls in my category topped it out. I was annoyed and upset during the first Boulder and did not do very well at all in that, some girls topped it whereas I kept struggling with the first move. On the second Boulder I was not just as negative and got the highest in my half of the group as I took a different approach to the climb by going up left instead of right. On the second route I did okay. I got to about average in the group to be approx, only one girl topped this out. On our third Boulder I did not climb to well, I lost focus and my third attempt was the only decent attempt. On the third route I did decent. Not good , not bad. I expected to get higher but some girls did not even get to the second clip. Not a very good day for me but it was a learning experience and I know what I need to work on 😌

Here are some photos: 



sybc 2015😋

Hi!! So on Saturday I competed in the sybc ( Scottish youth bouldering championships) and it was really good. I came4th in qualifiers and 3rd in Finals, the girl who was 1st was English so techniqually I am 2nd in Scotland youth C if u think about it😊😂. I was very tired after as I had to climb for 3+ hours in the morning , have a rest, then climb for another few hours in the evening for finals! The qualifiers was 15 (I think) problems varying in grade. Here are the qualifiers results:  


The top 6 were selected for the finals and in the finals we had 3 Boulder problems to do. We had isolation though and it was quite fun but also nerve racking. The final outcome was very close and I took home third place , quite happy 😊.  



YCS round 3 and Scottish Schools 

hi!! So sorry I haven’t been updating this that much , I have been really busy recently!! So I will try to do two posts in one on the two recent comps I competed in. 

YCS round 3

The YCS round 3 was at Alien Rock Edinburgh, it was my first time visiting and it seems pretty cool. The bouldering room is small though😕 Also my fellow team member (who was meant to compete that day), Lucy, fell while she was warming up and broke her ankle in 3 places 😟 Anyway, enough with bad news, I came in 3rd place that day , quite chuffed, hard climbs.

Scottish Schools

 Scottish schools was at Glasgow Climbing Centre , my old home climbing centre so I was used to the walls etc. I came in 2nd place this comp but even still I was very very happy with that as I was 1 point away from joint first😘😘 My whole category flashed the first route and all got to the same place on the second route! So all 4 of us were put into the final! In the final , two of the girls got to the exact same place. Me and rhiannon also got to the same place but higher than the other girls so me and rhiannon had to have a super final!! In the super final rhiannon beat me by one point but I’m still chuffed😊😊


YCS 2015 round 2

hi!!! Today was the second round of the YCS 2015 in Avertical Dundee!I came drew in second place. 
I had to get up at 6:30 this morning so I am very tired as I got home at 18:30😴 me and my dad got the train in but we also met people I know from TCA on the train aswell. When we arrived at the centre , we found our problems, warmed up and got started😋 
We started on Boulder 1 which only me and Caitlin topped first attempt, it was quite reachy and a few of the holds were not very positive. Then we went to our first climb which was an easy juggy problem which many of us topped. Then we went down stairs to the Boulder room and did our second Boulder which was quite tricky, the holds were either small and crimpy or huge and slopey and some of the moves were awkward. Only a few of us topped that one first attempt. Next we went to our second route which was a blue juggy climb with big moves and some strange holds, I also topped that one first go but it was rather difficult for the smaller people in the group. Next we went to our last route which was an orange with large moves , negative holds, and strange positions. There was a few jugs on the climb though and the clipping positions were nice. I was one of 3 to top this climb ☺️ Lastly we went on to our last Boulder- the decider as me and Caitlin had flashed everything and were in drawed first! This Boulder was strange, it was quite long and traversy and the moves were weird and the holds were quite positive. Caitlin and I got to the same hold but Hannah got one hold past us which put us all in first place!! And you know what that means…. super final!! 😖 the super final was very fun and very very close. We had to do a red climb with big moves and pinches, all of us got to the same move (s). Caitlin (1st place) got the hold. I  slapped for the hold and I think hannah didn’t go for it but we got the same points as I only slapped it so we were both second. 🏆 Excited for the next round!! I will post photos in the next few days when they are online.
Carla ☺️